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Hello there!

My name is Gerri Flory and I’m new to East Texas. My family & I moved to Longview from San Antonio in August of 2016 and just have fallen in love with the tall pines, rich earth, friendly faces, and best of all….. the light traffic ;)

I took to photography at a young age and indeed feel much more at ease around large groups of people with a camera in my hand. Having spent that past 9 years photographing weddings I have had the pleasure to serve over 100 couples in preserving their wedding day experience. I relish the new chapter I am beginning in Longview and cannot wait to discover the hidden gems in these pines that will surely serve to yield some of my favorite bridal experiences.

And now, just for fun, here’s a bit of my backstory….

I grew up on an Ostrich farm

I love to dance

I am ‘Momma’ to two amazing little people

I’ve been married to my college sweetie for over a decade

I have five other photographers in my family

I love road trips

I live for fresh chips & salsa

I find impersonations of any kind absolutely hilarious

and finally…..

I abhor ventriloquist dummies – seriously – I just CAN’T with those things!!!

me pic


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